Support us

We are very grateful for our past and ongoing support from national funding agencies such as ARC and NHMRC.

A very special thanks to MNDRA (Motor Neuron Disease Research Australia) for helping to establish my lab and contributing to the amazing research that is going on in Australia towards helping to find better treatments for people living with MND/ALS.

Thanks to FightMND for changing the MND landscape in Australia and raising vital funds aiming to accelerate research findings into patient outcomes.

We are also very grateful for the ongoing support by Macquarie University and all the donors towards the MND Research Centre. Their help and contributions are vital to continue with our progress, and to train up the next generation of researchers who are passionate about neurodegenerative diseases and dedicate their careers to biomedical sciences and finding more answers (by asking different but important questions).

You can donate here to support our research at the Macquarie MND Centre for Research.

Our work would not be possible without YOUR support.
If you would like to discuss opportunities of support our lab and research directly, please get in touch. All gifts over $2 to Macquarie University are tax-deductible and are acknowledged with a receipt.

Thanks for helping us to make constant progress!